Yola Quinn

What lies within is the most uncharted territory for me and it offers the most exciting material for my work which is in essence a map making process of a personal journey . A record of experiences that shape an ever evolving personal myth that is being lived. How do we as individuals feel into those unknown areas within ourselves. I use painting as a vehicle to not only record the journey but often it becomes the journey itself.

Yola’s paintings capture a glimpse of the intangible and the imperceptible, creating a window into another world. Utilising traditional old masters techniques of glazing in oils, by applying layers of fine washes of paint Yola blurs realism with abstraction to create ethereal and evocative dream like images. 

Yola was born in 1972 in Kwa-Zulu Natal and grew up in an artistic family. Her childhood was spent mostly out in nature which established a deep reverence for the wilderness and this continues to inform her life and work to present day.

After completing a Fine Art Diploma at the Natal Technikon in 1994 achieving distinctions in painting and ceramics. Yola has lived and painted in the Natal Midlands, The UK, and presently resides and works from her studio in Scarborough, Cape Town.

Yola has exhibited both locally and internationally, including a solo exhibition at Kendrick Street Gallery, Stroud in the UK. Her work has won two competitions abroad, the best on show category North of Wall 2009 and the Open Art Competition Kendrick Street Gallery 2009.

Her portfolio also includes a strong theme of Portraiture which she continues to enjoy.

Present projects include a series inspired from her travels to the wilderness areas of Botswana, as well as a new collection reflecting the mythic world of the feminine and the archetypal overtones that speak from the collective and personal realms.